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FINNEGAN - DMH Orange Tabby - Male - 4 Y (Declawed front)Finnegan was adopted from the Rimrock Humane Society back in April 2012 by an awesome family. They adore and love him deeply ... however, in the past few months, Finnegan has decided to be very mean to his other cat brother and it is causing all kinds of strife between the two cats. Six months of trying different things suggested by their veterinarian and things have only gotten worse. It is with sad and heavy hearts that they have come to the conclusion that "Finn" needs a new home. Here is what they tell us about this sweet boy:"Finnegan is a soft, friendly, cuddly cat who will absolutely steal your heart! He does takes some time to warm up to new people... mostly he'll just hide until he gets curious enough to get out and explore... but once he accepts you into his life there's no going back. He creates deep relationships with his "people" and loves to be part of the day-to-day activities. Whether you're cooking dinner or reading a book, he's never far away. This is one cat who truly bonds and seeks to please.Don't let this guy's little size fool you: he's got a big personality and plenty of quirky habits that will make you laugh. For example, he loves to sit on the floor vent in the winter to warm his tummy. His favorite past-time is rubbing agaisnt your legs in the bathroom. He has an adorable habit of jumping into your arms in the morning and literally HUGGING you as if to say, "good morning! I LOVE YOU!" Finnegan is also full of energy and enjoys to play. He comes running when you call his name and likes to have deep conversations when he's feeling chatty (meow meow meow!). On warm mornings when the birds sing outside the window, Finnegan likes to pretend his is a deadly hunter. He's a smart one, too! If you don't want him near Aunt Velma's porcelian vase, you'll only need to tell him a few times before he starts to get the message.He does great with adults and dogs (often making the dog his cuddle buddy). He mostly keeps hidden when children are around but we've never had any problems. However, Finnegan gets very jealous of other cats and therefore needs to be THE ONLY CAT in the house. But he's truly worth it. If you give this handsome guy the chance he deserves, he'll be the only cat you ever want.Finnegan is declawed in his front paws and must be an indoor-only kitty. He has never shown any interest in leaving the house and he's NEVER shown signs of running away or "bolting" when the door opens. He's much more content in the warmth of a loving home.Finnegan can ONLY EAT SCIENCE DIET prescription brand cat food. This is very important!! The low magnesium in Science Diet food prevents him from forming crystals in his urine, which has caused his bladder to get plugged and back up in the past.It breaks my heart to let this little guy go. He's truly a part of my heart and soul and I will miss him every single day."Cats are very territorial and none of us are sure why Finnegan all of a sudden decided to beat up his feline room mate. Makes for a very stressful situation for all involved. Our hearts break for Sonya & Finn but we are hoping a new happy home will help in mending the broken hearts. Finn is neutered, up to date on shots and microchipped. Please help us find this sweet boy his new forever home.40 12 18

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